We nurture and protect lifestyle dreams while building generational, legacy wealth.

It took courage and creativity, followed by decades of hard work and tenacious commitment to succeed and build your family fortune.

Now as the years of toiling are behind most of our clients, their thoughts are changing towards enjoying a more suitable lifestyle. With visions of leaving a lasting legacy, the next generation is preparing to take responsibility for this transfer of wealth and how to manage it for generations to come.

At Pacific Hawk (HK) Ltd., we pride ourselves on our personalized service to help clients navigate thru the complexities of their lives, and their wishes for the next generations.

As a respected multi-family office in Hong Kong, Pacific Hawk’s comprehensive approach to generational wealth management is where trust is built, and assets are protected. Our deep-rooted family relationships help facilitate a better understanding for what our client’s lifestyle dreams are now, and respect and honor their vision for the future.

Established in 1997, our focus has been to build and protect the family wealth-building capital for future generations. With a mission to provide exceptional, performance- oriented asset management and private equity investments, Pacific Hawk has been a trusted partner to our high net worth families in Hong Kong, China, throughout Asia and the UK.

What We Do

At Pacific Hawk, our clients are our business. An important part of our success is in the relationships that are built with each client which is part advisor and part specialist in complex, multi-jurisdictional, family financial issues. We understand that to live their lives and still leave a legacy demands a high level of focus on their finances. The relationship is handled through a calculated mix of understanding their current and future financial needs, planning for generational wealth goals, while taking into account family dynamics. Each strategy is uniquely designed for every family.


Asset Management

Defining the right global investments are at the forefront of our investment strategy for our clients.


Asset Protection

Achieving peace of mind while legally protecting assets, reputations and financial distributions.


Private Equity

Matching synergy and resources with growth opportunities is our goal.


ET Training

Entrepreneurial skills training for clients.


Financial Planning

Understanding the current financial dynamics, (estate and trust planning and philanthropy) empowers our families to create appropriate investment strategies.


Pacific Hawk Global Fund OFC

We actively manage our fund and achieve steady performance with our trusted strategic partners and collaborative relationships.


Generational Legacies

Developing a plan for legacies and multi-jurisdictional complexities.


Pacific Hawk Technology Fund

Exclusive Global Investments integrated with private equity investments for select clientele.

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How We Do It

Active Management. Experience. Collaborative Relationships. Regulated Funds.

Established in 1997, Pacific Hawk has focused on building stable growth for our clients. They know we care about their success and happiness. This sentiment is true with our long-standing, trusted relationships as well.

Pacific Hawk is one of the preeminent multi-family offices in Hong Kong because of our unique and simple approach to active asset management. Our experienced team has strong collaborative partnerships with lawyers, accountants, advisors and trusted partners who support our clients to be more successful.

Our global funds are liquid and adaptable in preparation for any global or economic event. And, our funds are located and regulated by top regulatory authorities in Hong Kong, China, Europe and the UK.

Finally, investing in our funds is simple. Our funds are not financially complicated, and our clients trust and understand our process.