Services from Pacific Hawk

Wealth Management Services

The concept of quality is upper most in our minds as we skillfully support our client’s vision for their needs and family goals. Pacific Hawk (HK) Ltd. acts as a confidential, trusted partner to assist our clients in identifying and creating strategic investment solutions for their diverse family lifestyles and future generations.

Asset Management

Our mission is to nurture and protect assets. Working closely with our families, we design a plan that will protect the interests of the entire family. The depth of our International experience and our longevity in asset management in Hong Kong, China, US, Europe and London is important to them. We provide context and guidance specific to their desires and needs in a crowded International Investment arena.

Understanding our client’s requirements helps us to define and manage their diverse, jurisdictional portfolios.

Private Equity

We have spent many years developing collaborative relationships with trusted partners, lawyers, accountants and other in order to recommend opportunities to our clients that fit their business and family prerequisites. Since we have invested with our fund managers for many years, we regularly discuss with them their insights and visions for the future.

We are focused on investments and monitor them on an actively regular basis to be prepared for any unforeseen economic or global event that might occur.

Understanding our client’s requirements helps us to define and manage their diverse, jurisdictional portfolios.

Financial Planning

Integrating the financial goals of the family while building and protecting client wealth takes as much relationship building as it does skill. We help families with their estate and trust planning, wills, and their distribution plans beyond family obligations to also include planning for philanthropic initiatives.

Philanthropic giving has the power to transform many lives. Leaving a legacy through philanthropy touches communities, programs, education, research and so much more for multiple generations. It is this altruistic giving that improves human society.

Generational Legacies

Providing comprehensive financial planning services to families, bridging the gap between generations and facilitating discussions around their wealth is the basis
for strategic generational legacy planning.

We like to keep the fundamentals and process for our financial strategies simple. It is important to us that our clients understand the process and are clear about how the strategy is deployed.

Asset Protection

In today’s global economy you cannot be too careful about guarding one’s wealth. Asset protection is a type of financial planning intended to protect one’s assets.

Understanding asset protection also allows you to gift assets to junior or
senior family members.

ET Training

Interpersonal skills development is the key to success in any organization. Having effective communication skills can build good working relationships and reflect a more positive  image.

Our ET Training not only clarifies what skills are necessary to be a successful entrepreneur, it also provides tools to determine a productive path.

Pacific Hawk Global Fund OFC

Since we have been in Hong Kong since 1997, we are unique in our direct communication and longevity. We manage our fund with trusted partners, strategic relationships, collaborative partnerships and through steady performance.

Our families and clients are well-informed. We work with the Patriarch and Matriarch to handle delicate family relationships towards protecting and building wealth. It is that reason that we are considered a highly trusted and confidential partner for their assets. To request more information regarding the Pacific Hawk Global Fund OFC, visit or email

Pacific Hawk Technology Fund

On the global level there is not one type of fund that is better than another. However, because of our connections and relationships, we are leading a path for more exclusive global technology investments including China.

This Pacific Hawk Technology Fund is being made available with private equity investments for select clientele. To request more information regarding the Pacific Hawk Technology Fund, please contact us at

For questions or more information please email us: